Welcome To Television Players,
We are telly lovers started this site to highlight the major problems that you can have when trying to: –

a) Watch UK TV online outside the UK, and,
b) Watch USA TV online outside the UK

This is because as you may have discovered there is a lot of junk info out there highlighting methods to try that just don’t work and can cause your computer to have problems. We don’t advocate any tweaks to your computers settings at all. Only the use of a VPN or a DNS Anonymiser work.

We explain the problems that cause you to have problems when trying to watch online TV outside the UK or USA, and how you can use a VPN or DNS changer to watch TV online easily from abroad – and on any device from PC’s to macs, to iPads..

We cover a wide range of problems that you might come across when trying to watch your favorite TV show or watch big sporting events like the Superbowl. We started this site in order to shorten your search time. This is because you can waste days (We spent 60 hours looking for a solution) trying to find a solution that works. The only reliable way is to use a VPN – but not all are the same and not all work with online TV – So please explore the site and you should be sure to find a solution for your online TV problem.

You won’t find any illegal advice on this site, if you are after illegal cracks then please look elsewhere as you won’t find such advice here. Whilst the solutions on here can help you watch Sky TV or BT Sport abroad you will need an account with them to watch the content – no methods contained on the website are in any way designed to give you illegal access to those two services, you MUST have an account with them.
We appreciate you taking the time to read this. Explore the site and let it help save hours of your time – we show you how easy the solution is. Any queries please Contact Us