BBC iplayer not working abroad – Here’s the Solution

BBC iplayer not working abroad

Okay so you pay your TV licence in the UK, you watch the BBC iplayer on your computer or tablet in the UK. Then you go out of the country and find the BBC iplayer not working abroad. If you’ve tried using it outside of the UK then you’re probably stunned to find out that it doesn’t work abroad.

BBC Iplayer Not Working Abroad

You can surf the site as normal but none of the live TV or video content is accessible. This is because the BBC like all of the other UK broadcasters block their online TV content from being viewed abroad. The only way around it is to use a VPN solution like this one. It’s a geographical block that you can’t overcome without help.

Simply put you have to be in the UK to watch BBC iplayer online. Now if you are abroad you’re by default not in the UK and so are blocked. This block works by noting where your computers ip address is. If you are in France your computer won’t have a UK ip address, but a French one, and you will be blocked and find the BBC iplayer not working abroad.

The way around this problem is to use a VPN solution like the one we recommend, which will help you to make it appear as though your computer is actually in the UK even when you are not.

This is really useful as if your computer appears to be in the UK then you can watch all of the BBC’s online TV content on the iplayer. So what’s a VPN? Well it stands for Virtual Private Network and it’s like having your own secure private network that uses the internet to connect you from country to country.

In the case of the BBC iplayer not working abroad it helps get around the problem, by allowing you to use a small piece of software that makes your computer appear to be connecting to the internet via a server in another country. In this particular case if you use the service to connect to a server in the UK then that then acts as your access point.

This is very useful as by going via that UK server each site you visit, like the iplayer, sees you as a UK visitor and let’s you watch everything you want.

Not only does it unblock the BBC’s content from overseas, but also that of the ITV player, Sky Go etc. It’s easy to install on just about any computing device and tablet, and it works worldwide. So check it out using one of the above links today.

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