Best VPN for Mac – Benefits of a VPN

Best UK VPN For Mac

Best VPN for Mac

Not using a VPN? Well if you use wifi then you really should be as many public wireless networks are very insecure, indeed wireless identity theft is one of the fastest growing forms of crime in the World. You may not realize it but the majority of public wifi is insecure. Without using a VPN you could find that if you check your bank online in a public wifi hotspot then someone steals your login without you even being aware of it. The scary bit is the tools needed to do this are free to download on the Internet!

Best UK VPN For Mac

So why else do you need a VPN?

Well firstly let’s take the USA as an example, if you want to watch US TV online then you can do so without a problem in the US as your computer will have a US ip address. The problem is when you are outside of the US your computer doesn’t have a US ip address and so you can’t watch any US TV online outside of the country unless you use a VPN. Why is this? Well it’s a geographical block the TV companies put in place so you will want the best VPN for Mac that lets you change your computers apparent location back too the USA.

Firstly when it comes to choosing the best VPN for Mac, you tend to get what you pay for. There are very cheap solutions out there that will give you VPN access, however the simple fact of it is that to give you worldwide access and have lots of VPN access points in differrent countries the company needs to have computer servers in those countries. That can cost big money, so your bargain basement VPN company will offer less network connection points than a larger more well funded company will do. It’s down to plain economics.

Security? Well again bigger is often better and not all VPN’s are as secure as each other. Personally if we are doing online banking then we like to think we’re using the most secure VPN possible!

Ease of use? Well we think this is the best VPN for Mac as it is so very easy to install and use. A couple of clicks to install it and a couple more to get it up and running. It provides a secure VPN that can be used in virtually any country in the World.

It doesn’t just secure your email and give you secure anonymous web browsing, but also lets you access country specific restricted programs. Like the ability to watch US TV online outside the US. Those are some of the main reasons why we think it’s the Best VPN for Mac, so check it out right here.

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