How to Virtually Reside in Another Country

How To Virtually Reside in Another Country

Are you abroad with your computer but wish you could virtually reside in another country? Well why would you want to do that? Well there are many good reasons and the first of which is because you want to access country specific online services e.g. websites that are locked to certain countries.

Virtually Reside In Another Country

Examples of this being the BBC iplayer, which you can only watch online in the UK. Outside of the UK you can browse the website but not access the live TV or on demand content. You will find the same problem if you try and access most online TV outside of your home country. When outside of the USA you won’t be able to watch your favourite NBC shows online either.

Nor will you be able to access any online gambling sites if you’re away from home overseas. This can be frustrating if you get a hot tip and want to put a bet on. Likewise you can find your Netflix and Hulu accounts inaccessible from overseas. Doubly frustrating not to be able to access those services when you are paying for them!

So you may have lots of reasons to virtually reside in another country. By this we mean you may well have the need to appear to change the country your computer appears to be in, in order to access many of the services we’ve described above.

Note in most of the above cases the block that’s put in place is a geographic one relating to the country you are in, or more to the point the one you are not in! When it comes these types of blocks you will have the need to virtually reside in another country to get around the block.
So this means as an example if you want to watch NBC shows online from your US cable account when outside of the USA you will need to make it look as though your computer is inside the USA to get around the problem.

This service does exactly that and it let’s your mac, PC, ipad, laptop etc appear to be in just about any country that you want. Using it allows you to be in Spain and make it look like you are from the USA to any website you visit.

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