How To Watch NFL Playoffs Abroad

How To Watch NFL Playoffs Abroad

The Super Bowl will soon be upon us and the playoffs are already on top of us. Now watching your favorite NFL team in the playoffs is easy anywhere in the continental USA but what if you are outside of the country?

How To Watch NFL Playoffs Abroad

Well you’d think you could just watch them online wouldn’t you via the NFL’s home page or on your local US cable account online. If you thought it would be that easy think again. If you are reading this article then you’ve probably already found out all US online TV content is locked to the USA. That is to say you can only watch NFL online or your the games online via your local cable provider if you are actually sat at your computer or iPad in America.

Now that’s the good news over! The really bad news is that it’s a geographical block, which means its really hard to access the NFL playoffs abroad on your own as basically you need to be in two places at once. Now luckily there is a way around it but the first thing is to acknowledge what the problem is, if not you will waste hours and hours trying to find a solution.

Firstly how good are any so called free solutions? Well online video uses a lot of bandwidth, and bandwidth costs money so any free service will either be funded with ads or have so little bandwidth it crashes as come the playoffs you won’t be the only one trying to watch it. Typically this means it crashes and the picture freezes, leaving you if it was the best was as to how to watch NFL playoffs abroad.

So if you want a reliable solution to this problem, we have a good one that works on iPads, PC’s, mac’s even Smart TV’s and gaming consoles and it does so from anywhere in the World and it’s via this location changing service. It allows you to make your computing device appear to be back home in the US even when your in another country.

This service is easy to install and run on any of the above devices, which is a key reason why we recommend it. Indeed we spent over 50 hours trying every solution we could find online, including some which seemed to require a degree in astrophysics to implement only to find they still didn’t solve the problem of How To Watch NFL Playoffs Abroad.
Click here for our recommend solution, which comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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