How to watch Sherlock in America very easily

Want to know how to watch Sherlock in America?

Well we’re huge fans of the hit UK TV series Sherlock and if you are reading this then we guess you are as well. Now normally you can watch it on BBC America, however the Christmas special being shown on News Years day 2016 doesn’t seem to be showing in BBC America’s schedule. Now that’s not good news to us.

How To Watch Sherlock In America Very Easily

So you might think that you’d use the BBC iplayer to watch Sherlock online and that’d be your problem solved. The problem is that while the iplayer works well in the UK it doesn’t work at all abroad. Now if you use it in the UK and are sat abroad trying to use it then that’s probably a shock to you. It is no mistake, the BBC puts a geographic block on all of the BBC iplayers content from abroad.

This means that whilst you surf the iplayer website when you click on a show such as Sherlock to watch it live or on demand it won’t play. Now as it’s a geographical block short of moving back to the UK you won’t be able to watch it without using a Location changing service, which changes your computers apparent location back to the UK.

Without using one of these you can literally waste days trying to find a solution. Also we will give you a big hint, none of the so called free solutions work well or in most cases at all. This is because bandwidth costs money, and the iplayer uses lots of it, so how is any ‘free’ service going to let you watch it as a result?

The above solution that we recommend works in any country and it is the best solution as to How to watch Sherlock in America (Or Europe, asia etc.)

The great thing is it works on just about any computing device from iPads to laptops to desktops. It’s easy to install meaning if you are non-technical then you should be able to get it up and running easily in less than 5 minutes. That’s good news as if you search online then the program will have ended by the time you’ve discover that a location changing service is what you need and that free ones don’t work.

This really is the best, most reliable and easy to install solution to the problem of how to watch Sherlock in America that we’ve come across. Did we mention it also unblocks ITV and channels 4 & 5 as well?

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