How To Watch Super Bowl online outside US

How To Watch Super Bowl online outside US

When it comes to the big game this weekend you could find yourself wondering how to watch super bowl online outside US. This is because as you may well have found out you cannot watch US online TV outside of the US. This includes watching the Super Bowl on

How To Watch Super Bowl Online Outside US

All US online TV is blocked outside of the USA. That is the bad news the good news is that we have a way around this block. What you need to do is to use a location changing service like this one that will change your apparent location from wherever you are in the world to the USA.

Basically to not be blocked from watching US online TV outside the USA you need to make it appear as though your computer or tablet is actually located in the US and not say Spain, where you might actually be as an example.

The location changing service we recommend is non-technical to install and use, which is one reason why we recommend it when it comes to how to watch Super Bowl online outside US. The other reason we love it is because it is so versatile and it will work on Smart TV’s (Meaning you can watch the big game on your big screen), PC’s, mac’s, iPads etc. It even works on internet linked gaming consoles.

We can save you some time by saying that after hours of research you won’t get around this problem on your own. You need to understand that it is a geographical block put in place by every one of the US TV broadcaster when it comes to online content. This means if you are in Spain the only way they will let you watch US TV online is when you fly back to the USA.

A location changing service is the only way to virtually change your location. You can’t physically change where you are easily! What this service does is to make it appear as though the device you are connecting to the internet with is based in the US, and not wherever in the World that you actually are.

When it comes to how to watch Super Bowl online outside the US, we recommend this solution as it works very reliably, even with high demand events like the super bowl. If you want to unblock US TV online from outside the US this is the way to do it.

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