It’s not Golf. It’s the Ryder Cup – 2016 Ryder Cup Hazeltine

It’s not Golf. It’s the Ryder Cup

There are team sports but few as unique as the Ryder Cup. Each participant plays in their own game yet plays as part of a team at the same time. Interesting to see Tiger Woods being cited as an asset by the captaincy, as Tigers never come across as a team player in this event at all.
Amy how, how are you going to watch the Ryder Cup? If you are outside of the USA and traveling abroad you may well have some big issue to overcome. Firstly whilst a lot of us love golf, the whole world doesn’t and you could find yourself in a country that’s not showing it live. Particularly if you aren’t in Europe (USA vs Europe remember so other countries who aren’t playing aren’t as interested in it).

Ryder Cup

So I hear you say, I’ll just watch it online. Now if you have a cable or satellite account back in the USA you would think you could watch it online from anywhere in the World just as though you were back in the USA. You would however be very wrong, as every major US broadcaster locks their online content (be it live or on demand) to the continental US. This means when you try and watch the Ryder CUp online from abroad you won’t be able to, even if you’re paying for a cable or satellite service that lets you access it online in the USA.

The bad news is it’s a geographical block and this means nothing you can do on your own will get around the fact that you’re abroad but in theory need to be in the USA to watch the Ryder Cup online. The good news is that to watch it online all you need to do is make your computer or tablet appear to be in the US by using a location changing service like this one.

What it does is give you a highly secure internet connection but through a US based server, this means every site you visit sees you as a genuine US visitor. Why is that really useful? Well it’s really useful as it immediately unblocks all of the geographically restricted content as it thinks your computer’s in the USA and not in spain, mexico, russia etc.

It works on any computing device and is easy to install and run, which is why we like this location changing service so much when it comes to how to watch the Ryder Cup online from abroad.

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