UK VPN Guide

UK VPN Guide
Why should you read my UK VPN Guide? Well if you want to be safe whilst using your computer while online then you really should use a VPN. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is just about the safest way to protect yourself online when it comes to privacy and security of your data and personal information. Not a day goes by without newspapers running a story about hackers, data theft, identity theft – all of which can screw up your life if it happens to your. Now if you are aware of these risks then be aware that one of the most common ways this can happen is via data theft over a public wifi network – like the one you used this morning in Starbucks! Or the one you might be using whilst reading this!!

UK VPN Guide

Once you have identified these risks, the first step is for you to choose the right UK VPN service that suits your needs. As depending on what you use the Internet for will dictate which VPN provider that you go with.

Of note is that irrespective of how you access the ‘net, then all good VPN providers should provide you with adequate protection for all of the different devices you use to access the Internet.

Now whilst many people want a VPN for general email and browsing security when using wifi, many VPN users want a UK VPN service specifically to bypass restricted content that would otherwise have its access locked whilst they abroad, such as the BBC iplayer, which can’t be accessed without using a UK VPN. Likewise a UK VPN can be used to unblock Sky Go, ITV player, C4 OD etc

The problem is that it’s easy to set up a service offering a VPN and so the VPN service provider market is swamped and choosing the best UK VPN for what you need can be a little confusing.

This is where this UK VPN guide comes in as it shows you know what to look for from a VPN service, making it easier to pick one. We recognize that everyone has unique requirements. Some people simply want more privacy and security in public locations, whilst other users such as those on holiday or traveling abroad just need to access to country restricted online TV websites like the BBC iplayer whilst abroad.

Other users may simply want a high level of security to prevent id theft above anything else. Just note that whilst all UK VPN providers will offer security and access to geographically locked websites like the iplayer, the vast majority won’t offer video streaming bandwidth, this means that whilst they may give you access to services like the iplayer then watching it could be a problem.
If you do need a UK VPN that gives you maximum security and has enough bandwidth to stream the iplayer then I recommend this great UK VPN.

If you need to use multiple devices to access the VPN then you need to choose a supplier that allows this, as many restrict you to using the service on just one device. So if you use more than one regularly you need to choose a VPN supplier that allows this.

When it comes to billing then you might want to consider a UK VPN supplier that offers no-commitment monthly billing for the service Like this UK VPN. Although note you tend to get discounts if you sign up for longer.
Also it’s worthwhile noting that a larger VPN provider will be able to offer not just a UK VPN service but also have servers located across the globe like this Global VPN Supplier
I hope you found this UK VPN Guide useful.