UK VPN – UK Proxy Server

UK Proxy Server
Do live abroad or are away on holiday, but cannot do without your favorite TV soaps, we can show you a way to access UK online TV players such as BBC iPlayer worldwide. BBC iPlayer and ITV Player are two of the most widely used online viewers used to watch UK Television live and as ‘catch up’ TV. However, there’s a problem as they only work in the United Kingdom. Have you tried watching BBC iPlayer abroad? You will have found out that it is not available in your region.

Uk Proxy Server

ITV, BBC, and C4 & C5 don’t let you watch their services abroad due in part to the license fee, but in the main as they sell programmes around the World and thus they don’t want people from around the world to watch them for free. Problem is this means that the online TV services can only be viewed by people in the United Kingdom. The good news is that there is an easy way around this problem, and the ideal solution is to access them via a VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks and a VPN uses the internet to allow two networks to connect to each other. By using a VPN a computer can be made to behave as if it were online in the UK, regardless of where it is actually located. The first VPN’s were used by companies so that workers could access their companies networks from other areas of the country or the World, which means that the same VPN’s can also allow you to access the BBC iPlayer in countries other than the UK.

Why do you need a UK VPN?

It’s no surprise that you will find VPN servers all over the World, but if you are going to watch the BBC iPlayer whilst abroad you are going to have to access it via a UK VPN. A UK VPN allows you to connect from any internet connection in the World to a VPN Server located in the United Kingdom.

By doing this and using such a UK VPN service your PC or Mac will act just the same as if you were sat in the same room plugged in to the VPN server directly. In reality you can be logged on from tens of thousands of miles away. Using a UK VPN gives you a UK IP Address, which means when you try and access the BBC iPlayer then it allows you access as it thinks you’re in the UK.

Your IP Address is a unique number your computer uses to act the Internet, and from this unique IP address it’s possible for the BBC’s server to tell exactly where in the World you are trying to access its service from. This is why its vital to use a UK VPN to watch the BBC iPlayer, as by connecting via a UK VPN server it gives you a UK IP address and then you can watch the BCC iPlayer, ITV Player etc because the BBC thinks you are located in the UK.

Video Speed?

If you’re looking for a UK VPN server then note not all VPN services are alike. So if you are wanting to watch streaming video online services such as BBC iPlayer you must choose a UK VPN which allows you enough bandwidth to watch these types of online TV service. Some VPN’s aren’t fast enough and are only designed for text based communication.

Choosing the right VPN

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