Watch Eastenders Online Overseas Easily

Watch Eastenders Online Overseas

Love British TV and want to watch show like Eastenders or Corrie when you are traveling abroad? Well you may take your laptop or tablet with you on the assumption that you are going to be able to watch Eastenders online overseas on the BBC iplayer. Alas you would be wrong!

Watch Eastenders Online Overseas

Here’s what will happen. You turn on your tablet navigate to the iplayer just as normal, everything seems okay then BOOM! When you click on any live TV show or on demand content it won’t play and you get a message saying the service isn’t available in your region. Some mistake surely? Unfortunately it is not as the BBC and ITV block all of their online content from being viewed abroad. Can you get around it? Not on your own as it’s a geographical block.

This means for it to work you need to be physically in the UK. Now if you are in France on holiday then you can’t be in the UK at the same time. Or can you? Well the way around this problem if you want to watch Eastenders online overseas is to use a location changing service like this one.

It is really useful as it makes it appear as though your computer is physically in the UK even when you are not. It does this by installing a small piece of software on your computer that then lets you logon to the internet via a UK based computer server. That server has a UK ip address and so every website you visit then sees you as being a British visitor.

This is then very useful as by making it look as though you are in the UK when you are not, it allows you to appear as a genuine UK website visitor and all of the online TV content that was blocked is now unblocked, and so by using this location altering service your problem is solved.

It’s easy to install and works worldwide, and best of all it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, it also works on PC’s, Mac’s, tablets, Smart TV’s and even gaming consoles (Provided they are internet linked).

This is the most reliable way around UK online TV problems that we have found to date. So please check it out today using one of the above links.

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