Watch Masters Golf Online Outside USA

Want to Watch Masters Golf Online Outside USA?

Love Golf? Well for many of us the Masters golf is unmissable. Watching it at home in the US is easy on cable or satellite or at work online. However you may be surprised to learn that when you go abroad it’s a different matter altogether. You may access the internet and watch CBS online back in the US via your cable TV account, you’d therefore assume that you could do the same when abroad right?

Watch Masters Golf Online Outside USA

Wrong! All US broadcasters limit their online content viewing to the continental USA. So if you’ve been struggling to watch Masters golf online outside USA it is because there is a geographical block in place, there is nothing wrong with your computer or tablet – except it’s in the wrong country. We do have a solution to the problem that works worldwide and you can find it here. First though a bit about why you shouldn’t fiddle with your computers setting on your own.

Many people want to view TV online when travelling outside the United States as after all they pay for online access at home via their cable TV or satellite TV accounts, so if your paying for it why shouldn’t you get access to it worldwide. Well the US TV companies but a geographical block on all of their live TV and TV on demand services as they sell many of these programs abroad. But you’re paying for access so how can you watch Masters golf online outside USA?

Well you need to change your location back to the USA? WHAT!!! Only kidding! To get around the problem you only need to make it look like your computer or tablet is in the USA. You can do this easily on any mac, PC or tablet using this service. We chose this one ourselves after testing 100+ solutions or so called solutions (In many cases they didn’t work, required you to be a rocket scientist, or lost your internet connection altogether – not good if you’re abroad using your work’s laptop…). It took us 3 days to come to the conclusion that this was the most effective.

It works worldwide, it works on nearly any computing device, even smart TV’s and internet linked games consoles. So if you want to watch Masters golf online outside USA then we recommend this solution. It even comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. It’s also very, very easy to install, ideal if you’re not technical!

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