How To Watch The Ryder Cup Online Outside US

How to watch the Ryder Cup online Outside US

It’s golf’s biggest event and it’s coming to a screen near you real soon. This year it will be held in the USA at the Hazeltine national golf club. As ever it’s sure to be a hotly contested event and the USA will be wanting to win back the Ryder Cup. Now at home in the USA you can watch it easily on satellite or cable or even online or on your mobile phone. However you may find yourself wondering how to watch the Ryder Cup online outside US, as you will find out you won’t be able to watch it online on your US cable or satellite account from abroad.

How To Watch The Ryder Cup Online Outside US

Every major US TV broadcaster limits their content to viewing online only in the Continental USA. This means if you are outside the US then when you try and watch it online as you would normally do in the USA, that all of the content is blocked! Now this can be a real shock if you are paying to get coverage via your satellite or cable TV provider back in the US. Even the Ryder Cup website content will most likely be blocked outside of America.

There is a way around this block and we have a solution that works on virtually any computing device, and it works worldwide. First you need to understand that it’s a geographical block they put in place based upon your ip address. If your computer doesn’t have a US ip address they see you as a foreign visitor and block your access to live TV and on demand content. The fact you may be paying a cable subscription in the US doesn’t come in to it. You’ll still be blocked.
Now you can’t be in two places at once or can you? Well this solution lets you make your computer appear to be in one country whilst you are in another.

It does this cleverly by letting you access the internet via a US based server, regardless of what country you are in. This is really useful as to any website you visit, you appear to have a US ip address. This means you look like a genuine US visitor and this means all of the live TV content is unlocked, and that’s How To Watch The Ryder Cup Online Outside US. The solution we recommend Right Here works worldwide si check it out prior to trying to watch the Ryder Cup online.

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