Watch Superbowl online on NBC for free

Watch Superbowl online on NBC for free

If you want to watch Superbowl online on NBC for free you can do in the continental USA for free so long as you have a cable TV or satellite account. You then verify this provider with NBC and you can watch Superbowl online on NBC for free, without any further restrictions.***STOP PRESS – If you are outside of the US and have no US Cable account you can view it online on the UK Channel 4 On Demand service, which can be unblocked without a problem if you use this recommended UK VPN service.

Watch Superbowl Online On NBC For Free

Or as long as you are in the continental United States you just use your US cable account to access NBC online. However, the online coverage is blocked from outside the USA. That block applies to you even if you are paying for your cable or satellite TV back home in America. Now it is a geographic block and if you are outside the US and want to watch Superbowl online on NBC for free on the cable TV account you are paying for back home you will need some help to do so.

Indeed to watch NBC online from abroad you will need to make it appear as though your computer is back in the USA, even though you are in another country. You will need to use a US VPN service like this US VPN provider to unblock NBC sports online.

This is not a problem you can get around on your own by making simple changes to your computer, as it is a geographical block. In simple terms if your computer does not have a US ip address you won’t be able to access NBC online from abroad even though you are paying for it back in the USA.

A US VPN service is really useful as it gets around the problem by allowing you to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the World, but via a US based server. That server then acts as your internet access point.

As it is in the US, by default it has a US ip address. This means when you navigate to NBC online, you appear to be doing so from a US based computer.

Therefore no geographical block applies and you can watch Superbowl online on NBC for free via your normal cable or satellite TV account back in the USA. *** Or you can opt to use the same VPN service as ‘UK VPN’ which will unblock the UK TV’s Channel 4 online coverage.

Now if it is game night be aware when we looked at solutions to letting you watch US TV outside the US online, it took around 60+ hours of trial and error testing. If it is game night you do not have that much time so if you do not want to miss a moment then check out our recommended US VPN service.

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