Watching BBC TV Abroad

Watching BBC TV Abroad

Who doesn’t love the BBC? Well as Christmas fast approaches many more of us may find ourselves wanting to watch our favourite shows online as we are away from home or at work. Now in the UK that’s easy for many of us. But what if you need to be watching BBC TV abroad? Or ITV or C4? Well sad to say you won’t be watching BBC TV Abroad online without some help.

Watching BBC TV Abroad

This is because all UK TV Channels block access to their online content from abroad, and that means if you want to be watching Eastenders in Spain on Christmas day then you are going to need a location changing service like this one.

This is because it’s a geographic block that is put in place and you can’t get around it without some external help. The way it works is this. Your PC or mac or tablet has a unique ip address and it’s country specific. This means that when you access the BBC iplayer webiste they know what country you are trying to access it from. If it’s the UK then they allow you access. If it’s not then they block your access.

Now you can’t change what country you are in unless you can change your ‘apparent’ location using a service like the one we recommend here.

It’s really useful as it gets around the problem by allowing your computer appear to be in the UK even though you may be abroad on holiday in Spain. It does this by allowing you to connect securely to the Internet via a server based in the UK. As that server has a UK ip address it means that any website you visit such as the BBC iplayer – Sees you as a genuine UK visitor. This allows you to be watching BBC TV abroad from pretty much any country in the world.

Best of all it works on any device from Macs to PC’s to ipads. It even works on Smart TV’s and internet linked gaming consoles. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and is easy to install and run in a couple of clicks making it ideal for you of you are non-technical. So please check it out today using one of the above links or the banner on the right hand side, if you want to be Watching BBC TV Abroad this holiday season!

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