Watching Masters Golf Outside US

Watching Masters Golf Outside US

When it comes to Golf there are only four classics each year and the Masters is one of them and it’s nearly upon us. Now if you are in the US then watching the Masters Golf on CBSsports is easy be it on TV or online. Now if you are outside of the US then you may have a few problems. Whilst the Masters is huge across the World it’s not so big in every single country across the Globe. This may mean that if you are away from the USA on holiday or on business that you may choose to watch it online.

Watching Masters Golf Outside US

At home in the US it’s easy and you just go to via your local cable or satellite provider, and provided you have an account (Satellite or Cable) you can watch it online. Outside the US?

Well if you are wanting to be watching Masters Golf outside US then you have a big problem. CBS just like every other US TV broadcaster blocks all of its online content outside of the US. That’s the bad news just starting. It’s a geographical block, which means if you aren’t in the US then they are going to block your access, regardless of the fact you are already paying for access through your cable or satellite provider in the US.

You won’t get around this on your own, what you need is a location changing service like this one. Why do you need one? Well it is really useful as it makes your computer or tablet appear as though you are connecting to the internet via a computer in the USA. So why is that really useful? Well if your computer appears to be in the USA with a US ip address, then to every site that you visit you appear to be a genuine US visitor. This means than the content you want to watch is immediately unblocked.

Using our recommended service is how you go about watching Masters Golf outside US. The service we recommend is simple to install on just about any computing device and it works worldwide. It even works on Smart TV’s and internet linked gaming consoles.

Now you can look all over the internet as we initially did, indeed we tried out over 60 plus so called solutions at least 6 of which made us lose our internet connection, or you can check out this simple system above and be watching Masters Golf outside US in no time at all.

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