Watching Super Bowl 50 outside the US

Watching Super Bowl 50 outside the US

Now when it comes to watching the super bowl if you’re an NFL fan it’s your ultimate must see event. This years is the one every team wants to win as it’s Super Bowl 50. Now watching it in the USA is easy but what if you have a problem watching Super Bowl 50 outside the US?

Watching Super Bowl 50 Outside The US

Well whilst it’s one of the biggest events in the World you won’t find it showing in every country. Or you could find yourself the other side of the world and the time difference means it starts at 2 or 3am, which means you won’t be watching it if you have to work that same morning. So you think “Well it’s simple I will watch the Super bowl online”.

However when it comes to watching Super Bowl 50 outside the US, then if you were thinking of watching it online you will need some help, rather a lot actually. This is because every US broadcaster limits access to viewing their online only to computers located in the US. This block applies to the channel as well.

In order to be Watching Super Bowl 50 outside the US you will need to use a location changing service like this one to make it appear as though your computer is located in the USA. Without using such a service you won’t be watching the big game online abroad.

It is a geographical block and basically if your computer or tablet isn’t in America your access is blocked.

Our recommended service works worldwide and it works on mac’s, PC’s, iPads, tablets, internet linked gaming consoles and even Smart TV’s. It is easy to install in minutes meaning if you are reading this come the day of Super bowl 50 you needn’t miss a thing.

That’s why we like this solution so much. It lets you watch US TV online from outside of the US, the best way to do this is to use the service and watch it via the NFL online. This is because you will need an account with a US Cable or Satellite operator to watch the game online with ESPN, NBC etc. Now that’s okay if you normally live in the US, but you will need to watch it on the NFL online channel if you don’t. In either case this solution unblocks the coverage.

Don’t wait until game day though if you want to be watching Super Bowl 50 outside the US, check it out today and get it set up and working ahead of time. If not by the time you’ve discovered no free solution exists then it’s game over!

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