Watching US TV Abroad – Watch US TV online overseas

Watching US TV Abroad - Watch US TV Online Overseas

Watching US TV Abroad

Well the holiday season is upon us, indeed we’ve just watched Macys Thanksgiving Parade on TV here on the East Coast, but what do you do if you want to go about watching US TV abroad? Well whilst things like Macys parade is huge in terms of people watching it on TV in the USA, chances are you will struggle to find it on terrestrial or satellite TV else where in the World.

Watching US TV Abroad - Watch US TV Online Overseas

So what’s the option when it comes to not missing your US TV favorites when traveling? Well you might think you could watch all your favorite US Shows and holiday TV online. After all if you have a cable or satellite service in the US that you are paying for you’d expect you could access them abroad wouldn’t you?

Watching US TV Abroad - Watch US TV Online Overseas

Sadly you would be very wrong as when it comes to Watching US TV Abroad online you’ll find you can’t. Worse still is that you will be able to access the online TV channels via your cable or satellite account as normal but when you click on play….
Nothing will display. All online US TV content, be it live TV or on demand TV is restricted to viewing online only when you are in the US!

Watching US TV Abroad - Watch US TV Online Overseas

There is a way around the problem but it’s not something you can do alone as that is put in place by all US TV broadcasters on their online content is a geographic one. They know from your computers ip address that you’re in Spain and not home in New York. The only way around this block is to change your virtual location using a service like this one.

It lets your computer connect to the internet from whatever country you are in VIA a US based server. So why is that really useful? Well it means that each site you visit via that server sees you as being based in the US as well, and in the case of watching US TV abroad, if your computer or tablet appears to be in the US, even though you are not, you can watch all the US TV online that you want to! (Provide you have a relevant US Cable or Satellite account in the US that normally lets you watch US TV online when you are in the USA).

Don’t miss another minute of your US Seasonal favorites on TV get access here – it works on PC’s, Macs, Tablets and even smart TV’s.

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